The Conference on Faith & History itself has a rich history. Over the years, a number of members have undertaken to tell aspects of CFH’s history. Several of those documents are available for download. We will add new documents as they become available. If you have a reflection on the history of CFH or would like to propose a project, please email with your suggestion.

Evangelical Historiography: The Debate Over Christian History by Ian Clary

A History of the ISAE, sister-organization of CFH by Michael S. Hamilton

CFH Officers 1967-2008 by Paul Michelson

Forty Years Into It: Somewhat random thoughts for, and bits and pieces from, the archives of The Conference on Faith & History compiled by Rick Kennedy

The Conference on Faith & History by Rick Kennedy, published in Perspectives in History: Magazine of the American Historical Association (March, 2010)

The Conference on Faith and History and the Study of Early American History by Mark A. Noll

Fides et Historia at Fifty Years … and Counting by Paul Michelson