Dyron Daughrity of Pepperdine writes:

I write with hopes that you or someone you know might be a great candidate to write a book for the upcoming series Christians in the City: Studies in Contemporary Global Christianity.  It would be greatly appreciated if you might consider contributing, or recommending a colleague who has expertise.  

As many of you know, in October 2020 I distributed a flyer advertising an exciting, upcoming series of 25 books, to be published by Bloomsbury Academic.  The volumes in the series will focus on Christianity in the world’s great cities.  I have attached the flyer again.  So far, we have issued book contracts to several authors who will contribute volumes on the following cities: 

  • Cairo – Alexis Artaud-de-La-Ferriere
  • Hong Kong – Tobias Brandner
  • Los Angeles – Dyron Daughrity
  • Nairobi – Mark Shaw & Kyama Mugambi
  • Sao Paulo – Raimundo Barreto
  • Sydney – Tanya Riches

Several book proposals are currently under peer review: KinshasaJohannesburgRio de Janeiro, and Taipei.  

We have high hopes that we will find suitable authors for the following cities: New York City, Chicago, Houston, Montreal, Bangalore (or Delhi or Mumbai), Manila, Addis Ababa, Lagos, Moscow, London, Berlin, Budapest, Athens, Havana, and Santiago.  

We realize that in some cases a suitable author may not emerge for a particular city.  Thus, we are open to your suggestions for a city that you may be an expert on.  Please feel free to email me if you have expertise on a major world city and are interested.

This series will make a major impact on our understanding of global, urban Christianity.  I hope you might consider reaching out to specialists who may be interested in contributing a volume.  Double authored volumes are acceptable, as you note with the Nairobi volume.  We would be grateful if you distributed this email and the attached flyer to your scholarly networks.  

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