Since the shootings in Buffalo, Laguna Woods, and Uvalde, the AACC (Asian American Christian Collaborative) has been a crucial Christian organization that is actively pursuing advocacy and policy efforts to address gun violence in the United States. During April of 2023, the Anxious Bench proudly partnered with the AACC to raise awareness about the long and terrible history of gun violence in the United States.

You may find the series of Anxious Bench articles below, if you wish to read them in advance as preparation for this virtual coffee.

Borja | “On God and Guns: Scenes from the 2023 NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis”

Cochran | “Second Amendment Rights is About Protecting White Supremacy”

Foley | “Keep Hope Alive”

Quiros | “Christ or Moloch?: A Reflection on Nonviolence and the Civil Rights Movement”

Join President of AACC, Ray Chang, as he moderates a panel of columnists from the Anxious Bench, which include: Ansley Quiros, Melissa Borja, Malcolm Foley, and Joey Cochran. This CFH Virtual Coffee will take place on Thursday, September 28 at 12PM Central Time.

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