The Conference on Faith & History is a community of scholars exploring the relationship between Christian faith and history. We welcome members from a variety of Christian traditions around the world. We also seek to learn from scholars outside the Christian tradition. Our primary goal is to encourage excellence in the theory and practice of history from the perspective of historic Christianity.

The purposes of the Conference on Faith and History are the following:

  • To encourage scholars to explore the relationship between Christian faith and historical studies.
  • To provide a forum for discussion of philosophies, methods, and traditions of history and to foster research in the general area of faith and history.
  • To encourage and advance teaching and research informed by Christian faith commitments.
  • To bring before the larger historical community the concerns and perspectives of Christian historians.
  • To sponsor international, national, and regional meetings.
  • To publish Fides et Historia.
  • To provide a context for mentoring and networking among historians from various Christian traditions.

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If you are an individual or institution who has benefited from the Conference on Faith & History, and you would like to give a gift to further our work, you may do so here.

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