Join us on Friday, April 29 at 12PM Central Time for our next virtual coffee. The April Virtual Coffee brings together scholars for a thoughtful conversation of important issues in Asian American history. The Conference on Faith and History welcomes University of Texas, Dallas graduate student Ang Li, who will moderate a panel of scholars that include Jane Hong, Tim Tseng, and Jonathan Tran. Panelists will discuss the various ways Asian Americans grappled with issues of Race and Religion. How does Asian American racism differ from that of African American? How could an appreciation for Asian American (AA) actors in history aid us to understand America? With the recent rise in Anti-Asian hate crimes (esp. during COVID) and an explosive growth of AAPI immigrants, how might students and faculty appreciate Asian American history? The panelists will conclude by offering advice to non-specialists interested in diversifying their areas of expertise in order to gain a better understanding the role of Asians in American history.

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