Patrick Leech (@PatrickCLeech) is a historian of the global Cold War with an emphasis on Hungary and Eastern Europe. He is a doctoral student at Baylor University researching global resettlement of Hungarians from 1956–1957.

As the new Graduate Student co-Representative with Sam Young (@SamuelLYoung), the two wish to create a sustainable community for other graduate student members of CFH. Early next semester they will send out a survey about the needs of CFH graduate student members. Stay tuned for that survey.

CFH desires to build a culture that celebrates one another’s success. If you have 1) won a grant for research or scholarship, 2) have a new publication, 3) successfully defended your dissertation, or 4) earned a post-doctoral fellowship, visiting professorship, or a faculty appointment—please share this news, so our community can celebrate with you. If you have CFH graduate student questions, concerns, announcements or news—please contact these two Graduate Student Representatives via e-mail ( or twitter direct message.

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